Mamas and The Papas,The - Michelle Phillips

Mamas and The Papas,The - Michelle Phillips

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The Face of Music¶ÿLimited Edition Hand Drawn Portrait by Master Artist¶ÿ David S. Thompson of¶ÿMichelle Phillips from The Mamas and the Papas .

.....Watch the drawing in its making.....


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- Anthenticity -

To ensure and protect the value of your investment to make it appreciate with time great measures have been taken to verify your Collectible¶ÿArtwork is Authentic¶ÿas with your Ownership.

Each artwork is personally signed and is accompanied with an individual Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity with its own unique C.O.A. Number and personal signature ensuring you're getting a unique The Face of Music portrait by Master Artist David S. Thompson.

It's signature is signed over David S. Thompson's two overlapping thumbprints that under close¶ÿscrutiny reveals ink on ink on ink ensuring it isn't a replication.


On the back of the Artwork is the Artwork Identification label that¶ÿcorresponds to the Certificate of Authenticity.

On the reverse¶ÿside of the Certificate of Authenticity is a Provenance. A Provenance is the history of the ownership and transaction log of the Artwork. Experts are interested in the Provenance of an Artwork for several reasons, the most important of which is that a well-documented Provenance helps confirm that the Artwork is authentic¶ÿwhich in turn helps maintain its resell value. The Provenance will have your Name, City, State/Prov., Country as the original¶ÿpurchaser and date of your purchase.

¶ÿThe paper on which the Certificate of Authenticity is printed is Counterfeit-Proof. If the¶ÿCertificate of Authenticity is photocopied, scanned or digitally photographed a hidden Anti-Counterfeit Message "VOID" appears repeatedly¶ÿthroughout the entire copy.

There is an Embedded Watermark in the paper of CHAIN LINK that is only visible when held to a light on the Certificate of Authenticity and CAN NOT be photocopied.

The paper is Chemically Sensitive - Stains or spots appear if chemical alterations are attempted.

The Certificate of Authenticity and¶ÿ the Artwork Identification have The Face of Music Logo from its YouTube¶ÿChannel as a Hologram.¶ÿ


In the top left corner of the Certificate¶ÿof Authenticity¶ÿthere is a Hologram Embed into the paper and CAN NOT be photocopied.


In the bottom left hand corner of the Certificate of Authenticity there is Thermo Chromic (heat sensitive) ink used on the LOCK. When rubbed between thumb and forefinger, or breathed on, the image of the LOCK will fade then return.

The Certificate of Authenticity has Fluorescent Fibers that are of ONLY visible¶ÿunder fluorescent¶ÿlight.

The Certificate of Authenticity has a perforation from the left third of the paper

On the reverse side of the Certificate of Authenticity is a repeated watermark of "SECURE DOCUMENT" with a Pad Lock throughout the back side and also at the bottom there is a box listing out the Security Features.

You can verify that¶ÿ you are the original purchaser through this website by searching on its unique C.O.A.#¶ÿ (Sample shown below)




Selecting the result below the SEARCH BOX calls up your Name, City, State/Prov., Country as the original purchaser along¶ÿwith the Security Features¶ÿof the Certificate of Authenticity and its image making absolutely NO DOUBT you are the original¶ÿowner.


¶ÿThe lengths that have been taken are unprecedented¶ÿin the Art World making your Collectible Artwork¶ÿ investment IRONCLAD to ensure it will appreciate in value with time.


Limited Edition: Each format and size has a limited edition of 30 issues.

Framed Glass with Matting - Black wooden frame height 1" x 1.25" thick, real glass ; 3" white matting; high glossed finished 140 lb thick durable¶ÿphoto paper.

Canvas - 1.5" deep gallery wrapped with the finest canvas available; thick 2-over-1 Oxford weave pattern resulting in luxurious feel; fine semi-glossed finish; durable 300 lb canvas 21 Mil thickness.