The artist David S. Thompson has taken a very unlikely path to creating this book. From the age of 9 his amazing talent was recognized and special advanced art classes were created to further his development in Primary school. He would go on to win art competitions against contestant’s years his elder. When advancing to High school, he became disenchanted with art as their art classes were years behind his training. He would then go on very successfully through new ways of using his talents in Machine shop, Drafting and eventually on to Mechanical Engineering putting his gifted art talents behind him for 30 years. Unfortunately in 2009 he developed a bone infection in his spine causing permanent damage, ending his professional career in Systems Engineering and leaving him on disability. He was then institutionalized in Mental Health hospitals from the side effects of being on the highest levels of pain medicine. From these hospitals is where he re-found his gift and love of art and self-taught himself to do portraits. Over the last several years he has put his art together in this epic book. His remarkable health story of how he used Exercise, Diet and Water to overcome most all that ailed him medically; (high blood pressure, type-2  diabetes, high cholesterol,  bowel obstructions, using a walker, depression, anxiety, weighing near 300 pounds, high liver count, threat of losing his legs below the knees due to lost circulation, even Psoriasis  he had for 30 years)  and regaining control of his life can be found on YouTube searching under “The Dave Thompson Story.” Click here to view.