My Biography

June 28th 2018 @ Kitchener Golf Steakhouse

Well this was my Powerpoint presentation to Kitchener-Waterloo city officials and honored guests at their yearly function about how art was able to guide me through my deepest and darkest days of depression, hopelessness and total loss of self worth.  Mid way through my speech I must admit I thought to myself "what am I'm doing up here...nobody cares about my stupid story ...I'm just making a fool of myself". Then at the end when I said "Thank you"..I walked off the podium with my head down looking at the floor saying to myself "that was terrible". ..and then in a fraction of a second something happened I'll remember and cherish forever..  I heard clapping and cheers and when I looked up I saw them all standing clapping and cheering me on. It was absolutely the most amazing feeling I've ever had. I hope somehow now that I can  give hope to the hopeless . . courage to the meekly depressed and a fighting spirit to go through the toughest of times and to show that yes...



This was my Introduction video for my new Internet Radio Station

October 18, 2019